Who we are and What we do


ARA Petroleum is a dynamic member of the E&P industry in Oman. The company seeks to explore, appraise and develop oil & gas resources in Oman and internationally.

The company is managed by a globally experienced, professional and committed team with a track record earned over decades. ARA Petroleum will utilize the latest technologies to ensure the hydrocarbon assets are operated optimally and the recovery of oil & gas is maximized.

Domestically, ARA Petroleum is committed to developing young Omani talent under the supervision of internationally trained mentors. As a part of The Zubair Corporation, ARA Petroleum will collaborate with other group companies in initiatives to maximize the In-Country-Value of its operations in Oman.

Internationally, ARA Petroleum is dedicating its resources to finding high potential plays that can benefit from focussed expert attention. East Africa is key to ARA’s long-term strategy and short-term tactical plan; solid relationships built with our stakeholders, both governmental and private, will deliver value to the countries in which we operate, ARA’s shareholders and team.

ARA’s primary strategy is to concentrate on projects where hydrocarbons have already been found but where uncertainty in volumes or production strategy persist. ARA’s in-house expertise aims to deliver results in a financially and socially responsible manner accounting for the various needs of all stakeholders.