ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production

ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production was established in 2016 to explore, develop, and produce hydrocarbons in the PDO QSF contract area.

The purpose of the QSF Contract is to safely maximize commercial production of oil and associated gas from existing fields and new discoveries. In the current economic environment, these are the key components to ensure success especially in the O&G sector. ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production is well armed, motivated and committed to deliver on these commitments and make a large contribution to the economy of Oman.

ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production is also tasked with conducting exploration activities in the concession area to maximize the booking of reserves.

ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production as a prudent operator is committed to highest standards of HSE in its operations and we are dedicated to maximize the In-Country Value(ICV) within the Sultanate of Oman.

ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production is affiliated to ARA Petroleum, which operates in Sultanate of Oman and Tanzania.

ARA Petroleum E & P Values

  • Integrity and business conduct: We are committed to conducting our business while adopting universally accepted international business standards and practices. Our strict adherence to highest standards of moral and ethical values, integrity, and transparency comes before anything we do in conducting business.
  • People: Our people are safe and we know it. Protecting the environment as well as the wellbeing of our employees, our contractors, and the people we touch is a key principle.
  • Technology: We constantly explore proven new methods and technologies in bringing efficiency and maximizing value to our business.
  • Excellence: Through our commitment to excellence we will achieve our targets. Excellence comes as a result of being determined to continuously improve.
  • Collaboration: We draw value from diversity and deliver exceptional results through teamwork within our company, with our customers, and our contractors.


GM’s Message

ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production is a significant part of ARA Petroleum’s upstream oil and gas business in Oman. Managed by an experienced, dedicated and diverse team with considerable exposure to the industry in both Oman and overseas. We aim to be a leading player exploring, developing, and producing challenging hydrocarbon deposits within Oman.

The company was formed to operate the Qarat Al-Milh Small Fields (QSF) contract which was signed with PDO in 2016. A high-performance team drawn from top talent in the industry has been formed to deliver on this demanding contract.

ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production’s initial activities in the small fields area will be to focus on enhancing several producing oil fields and then quickly move on to exploration and appraisal of prospects and contingent resources.

In the longer term ARA Petroleum Exploration and Production will be developing and producing from many different reservoirs utilizing primary, secondary, and enhanced recovery technologies to maximize recovery.

We are also encouraging the development of new and existing businesses in support of our operations while creating employment opportunities for Omani nationals.

Our company is committed to provide value to the Omani economy. We are motivated towards our goals in a safe and responsible manner.


ARA Petroleum E & P commits to its HSE Vision:

No Harm to People

No Harm to the Environment

Everyone in ARA Petroleum E & P and its contractors commit to:

  • Demonstrate HSSE leadership in everything we do:
    • We Stop the Work and Make Work Safe when the work is no longer safe;
    • We know and understand all HSSE hazards and risks;
    • We know the risks are managed, controlled and supervised;
    • If we are not sure we know, we do not start or continue until we do.


ARA Petroleum E & P Management commits to:

  • Create a culture of openness where people will safely perform their duty while they always have the authority to stop work and make work safe.